It's a Jungle in Here

Monday, April 09, 2018

I don't know if you know this, but I really love house plants. Ever since moving to Poole at the start of last year, I knew I wanted to completely change up my room and the kind of atmosphere it has within it. My bedroom back home was totally different; dark wood, lots of darker soft furnishings and a godsend of a blackout blind resulting in low light - it's just how I liked to live back then.

Now, however, things are totally different. My room is now bright, airy, white with splashes of pastel pink and, due to my ever-growing collection of houseplants, shades of green. 

Want to know more about my green beauties? Let's do this...

Above you can see my two biggest leafy mates. They're dominating, with wonderful depth and lots of texture. It's a welcomed balance to my rather minimal decor.

All but one of my plants live in my window. I'm very fortunate to have a huge bay window that gets a huge amount of light from morning to evening - the perfect place to grow and develop plants.

In terms of plant-care, I give them one generous water every two weeks. All my plants get watered at their bases, in the soil, allowing the water to drain through the bottom to get rid of the excess. The bigger of my plants will get a good amount of water while making sure that the soil isn't waterlogged and the smaller ones will get only a fraction of what I used on the others, again, not waterlogging the soil and allowing them to drain.

After giving them their drink, I'll go over them with a spray bottle to give the leaves a bit of a freshen up. Not only does this make them all look wonderful and healthy, it does help them get that extra bit of liquid. A lot of the time, the stems of the plants will take up most of the water and the leaves will be left a little dry, so a quick spray helps keep them looking great!

Extra special care is taken for Ivy and Succulents. These, as most know, don't need a huge amount of water. Overwatering will damage and eventually kill the plant. Succulent stems and leaves will become so waterlogged that they'll go soft and Ivy will rot from the root and result in dry, falling leaves. Go gently with the water! I usually stick with the spray bottle for these, going in at their base and over the leaves. Only a few sprays will be needed. 

Most of my plants have been bought from Ikea, who offer a nice selection of house plants or Homebase. Homebase, in particular, have such a great range of different options, with lots of larger plants such as Palms and Dragon Plants.

I would definitely recommend looking carefully at your place for what will fit and where they'll live. One difficulting I'm facing now is where can I put more and how many can I buy before I'm out of space! Be warned, this will become an obsession.

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