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Saturday, April 08, 2017

I've never been one to dabble in the beard shampoo market. The last product I really enjoyed that was targeted for beards was Kalamazoo by Lush since it also doubled as an enzymic facial wash, which suited my skin. It was a win-win product. Over time, my skin changed and now Kalamazoo was no longer suitable. Until now, I've been sticking with other shampoo options from Lush, such as Soak and Float.

Enter Brisk and their Tea Tree & Cedarwood beard shampoo. What made me choose this one and what do I think of it? Let's get into it, shall we?

Why this one? Well, it claims to leave your beard clean, soft and manageable, while being paraben and sulfate free and also includes tea tree, which is a useful ingredient for both hair and the skin. Do I love it? No.

It saddens me that something I was rather excited about and had read some good reviews on is such a disappointment for me. The texture is odd and the scent, for having two of the best smelling ingredients (in my opinion) is a little funky. I used it expecting a fresh but earthy fragrance, but instead, I was met with a rather pungent and sickly scent. I ended up using a secondary product just to mask the previous; Lush's Rehab, for anyone that is wondering.

Normally product that I don't like would be put to the back of the cupboard in hope that I grow to like it in future, but this one sadly will not make the cut and I'll be giving this to a friend. Hopefully they'll put it to good use.

A fairly disappointing purchase for me. Maybe in future this formula will change and it can be considered again, but until that happens, if it happens, it's a no from me.  

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