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What's In My Bag

The 'What's In My Bag' tag has done the rounds of YouTube for years now, but that's not to say it's dead in the water - they're still very relevant and popular, so why not bring it to the blogging platform also? So that's just what I'm going to do. I've never done this before, so it's a new way to go for me. From left to right, I'll name the product, why I carry it and any information I think you need to know. Let's begin!

Fujifilm x10
This little camera is perfect for on the go. It's lightweight, compact, records 1080p video, a fast focus, the build is robust and it has a manual setting, which I really do prefer on cameras, especially since you can't depend on the lighting etc. It's a perfect camera to carry with you to get clean, crisp images when you can't be bothered to lug around a DSLR.

Apple MacBook Pro 13"
I've always been an Apple fanboy - i've only ever owned Apple computers; they're the most reliable and they work when you need them to. Nothing worse in my mind than needing to do something, like photo editing, for example and have the computer being slow and potentially crash mid-edit. I have other Mac's, but the MacBook Pro 13" is perfect for on the go editing, storage of photographs and catching up on business stuff like email, Skype meetings etc. I've been carrying it with me everywhere lately and I've really felt the benefit of it being there. I'm getting a lot of posts written, emails replied to and organising done for work.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus 128gb
The Apple iPhone 6 Plus sits in my pocket everywhere I go, which is a given. It has a great camera, huge storage and the App Store holds everything I need to function. I use it for everything; payment, organising my day, a camera, iTunes, social media and even travel. I've got it synced with my Apple Watch, which makes the interaction between my phone even easier.

I love the design of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus - it fits nicely in my hand, it's just the right thickness - any thinner and I think it would be a problem and no, I've not been a victim of the bending issue.

Canon QL 19 35mm Rangefinder

This camera is perfect for shooting film, in my opinion. It's simple, yet sturdy build means you can use this easy and without worry. It has a fixed lens (0.8 - 5m and infinity) and the whole thing is manual, with an option of auto aperture. It has a great film holding plate, making it easier to load the camera when you're in a rush and it also has a sync lead connector and hotshoe. It's a great camera!

Kodacolour 200 24xp Film

This film is everything I need from a film. It's high contrast, vivid colours and has a low grain. I buy it from the local Poundland and I'll usually buy in bulk, since it's a great film at such an affordable price. I don't know how Poundland get their stock, but I'm not complaining. Film like this got me through University and it's now getting me through life. I'll always have at least one spare roll with me.

Development is the most costly thing about shooting film. My local developing lab process 35mm colour film for £5. They used to do this great service where you'd get a free roll of film, for every film processed - I miss that service SO much.

Apple Watch 42mm Space Grey
The Apple Watch is a more recent purchase and I'm loving it. It's an extension of the iPhone. I use it for acknowledging emails, quick replying to important messages and having it be a little personal assistant on my wrist, reminding me to keep my work flow moving. The fitness element of it is great too, it's really making me move more, which is never a bad thing. The strap is something I bought separately. When I bought it, I went for the black sports strap - as you can see, I'm currently wearing a navy one, which I got on Amazon.

Gorilla Perfume Hellstone
Gorilla perfumes are my favourite brand when it comes to fragrance and that's not just because I work for Lush and Gorilla is a Lush owned perfumery. Their blends are exactly what I look for in fragrance; weird, wonderful and like nothing else on the market. Hellstone is not for everyone. It's heavy, smokey, earthy, warm and is also an oil rich fragrance. It's so oily I'm using it as a beard oil, as well as an everyday perfume.

Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB Hard Drive
I carry a portable hard drive with me as to not clutter up the MacBook Pro. I did make a protective sleeve for it, since it was going to get scratched up being in my bag all the time, mixing with pens, my camera etc. It's lightweight at only 159g and is super fast. 2TB is more than enough for what i'm using it for - most of the time I'm transferring it all over to my main iMac once I get home anyway, so I don't need much larger. You'll find it full of videos, product pictures and endless GoPro time-lapse's.

Lush Eau Roma Water
I carry a toner water with me at all times, just in case. They're perfect for a quick cleanse of the face and even to cool you down on a hot day, or when you're flustered. Eau Roma Water is full of Lavender water and Rose water, so it's very soothing, but also helps to reduce redness on the skin. One spritz of this and you're good to go. Once this runs out i'll be replacing, but this time with Lush's Breath of Fresh Air.

And that's my everyday carry. What are your daily essentials, any similarities?