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What Makes My Bathroom Mine

Lately I've become a little obsessed with Succulents and Cacti, my home has them scattered throughout, so it makes sense that some live in my newly refurbished bathroom. The bathroom itself is brilliant white with touches of chrome; white tiles, bath, sink,  chrome tap fittings and a mix of white and chrome storage. I felt I needed a touch of colour, so I went with green, through the use of plants and one carefully thought through candle placement. The candle is the Sinnlig in the scent Crisp Apple. I also picked up another in Calming Spa

IKEA has a great product catalogue to choose from, we all know that, but I think a lot of people forget they have a wonderful selection of plants...

Their selection of Succulents isn't huge, but for only £2 each, you really can't complain. And they are beautiful - these two are so perfect for my bathroom, since they're spotted with white on there bright green leaves. I went for Succulents because they don't need a lot of attention and certainly don't need watering often. The steam and water in the air of the bathroom will be more than enough to keep these wonderful plants alive and thriving.

Along with these two, I bought three Cacti, which come in a pack of three for only £4.50 and I picked up myself a stunning Aloe Vera plant at the bargain price of only £2.50. These live in my bedroom, along with other Succulents.

I personally don't like a lot of clutter in my bathroom - I think bathroom's should be simple, minimal and not harsh on the eyes, so these shower baskets are perfect for me. I did also get these from IKEA, but I can't seem to find them online. The closest I could find is this one, which would do the job just as well. 

Shower baskets house shower gels and that's it, in my bathroom anyway. I went for two Lush shower products, one being Plum Rain (breaking the colour theme, I know), which is your familiar texture and perfect for a quick lather and go and the other being Lord of Misrule Shower Cream, a much creamier, more moisturising cleanser.  I think the pop of colour against the white tiles works really well!

These two items are two of my new favourites. Cleansing tools aren't something I'm a huge fan of, but I've grown to love these. Bought from Primark for £1 each, they've become a daily use and will join me in the bathroom from now on. The mitt is made up from really tightly woven hessian and gives your body an incredible scrub, while the brush is made from a soft synthetic material and this is used on the face with cleansers. 

Finding little gems like this has really made the bathroom something I enjoy a lot more. Working for Lush, I've always had a connection to the bathroom, but now I finally feel like my bathroom is welcoming and more inviting than ever.

I'd certainly say look a little deeper when in IKEA and even Primark, they house some great products when you really look for them.