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The Best Cotton Candle

Cotton candles are everywhere on the market. Brands like Yankee have ploughed their way through with hundreds of scents over the years - the most recent being their new Harvest Time range, inspired by 'natures delights', but their fresh scents, such as Clean Cotton, Baby Powder and Fluffy Towels have always been their most popular. Scents like these are always welcome in the home, as they're great at deodorising the air and leaving the space feeling fresh and like new again.

While I've bought many of these before, I was always on the look out for new brands to try, to see if they could offer a better take on the classic cotton candle and I think I found them. 

Cereria Molla are a Spanish brand and I think that they make the best Cotton scented candle I've tried so far. Now I know, it's just a candle, but when you're as candle mad as I am, it's a great find - made even better by the price tag of £3.99. I found them in T.K. Maxx, so yeah, I know, I'll probably never find them again at that price, but I think I'd pay more if I were to find them elsewhere.