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Plum Rain by Lush

 The launch of a new Lush product is the thing of dreams for some, more so when they can get it easily - then we get Plum Rain, an Oxford Street exclusive. It was a little bit of a let down, if I'm honest. I'm lucky that I was in London/Poole the week of the launch, so I was able to pick some up, but for others who aren't in the area or live further afield, it must have been a blow to them. Anyway, lets move on from negative to the positives.

Plum Rain, clearly a Prince tribute, right? I think so at least, what with the vibrant purple colour, the wording of the name and that it comes not long after the passing of the iconic musician. As a fan of Lush and a huge lover of Prince's music, it's a great tribute, if you ask me, even if it's not officially stated as being a tribute product.
The shower gel, which has a very similar consistency to Happy Hippy shower gel (more thick and jelly-esque) is super fruity and really hits the nose, more so when used with very hot water. Made with Umeboshi Infusion, Fresh Plum juice, Osmanthus absolute, Petitgrain oil and Sicilian Mandarin oil, Plum Rain will leave you coated in a highly scented blend, which reminds me of a fizzy drink of some kind - it has that zing to it! Umeboshi isn't something that Lush have used in many products before, so it definitely stands out from the shower section of Oxford Street

 You can't compare Plum Rain to other Lush products, it's totally different in terms of it's scent, but it mixes well with many others: The Comforter, Sugar Scrub, Green Bubbleroon and Avobath to name a few.

The product itself is very bubbly, which is what you want from a shower gel. A small amount of product will go a long way and will go far on the body (or in the bath!) Using it in the shower, the lather was just what I wanted. It was rich, highly scented and as I mentioned previously, a small amount cleansed my whole body without needing much more - I did however lather myself up as the scent was so inviting.

I have tried it in the bath as a bubble bath, which I know a lot of people will do and I have to say, it works wonderfully on its own, but comes to life when blended in a bath cocktail.

Plum Rain I hope will stretch out beyond the boarders of London and make it to all stores. American Lush fans will love this, as will the rest of the world and I'm sure they're all itching to get their hands on it. I'd love to have this in my store and think it would be a great addition to the product selection.

I hope you all get your hands on a bottle!