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Morning Skincare Routine

Skincare is something I take a lot of time with and as with most people, I do take pride in my skin and the appearance of it. I'm rather lucky in that my skin doesn't change all that often and it allows me to really care for it, without any sudden changes. My routine is fairly simple, which is another thing I'm very happy about, so lets talk about it.

My choice to use Lush skincare isn't purely hype or trend, it's because I have complete faith in it. It does everything I need from a product and to have it easily accessible is great. 

To start, I soak a wash cloth in a basin of warm water and leave it there until I'm ready to begin. The purpose of the warm cloth is to open my skin, doing this helps with the cleansing - while it's not actually true that pores open and close, skin does change under warmer temperatures - it will take in nutrients easier. After gathering my products, I place the cloth on my skin and leave it for twenty seconds or so, before removing and placing back into the basin.

9 to 5 is very gentle, loose emulsion, blended with essential ingredients such as Almond oil and Dove Orchid extract, to brighten, soften and to remove dirt. It's also proven to be very effective at removing excess oils on the skin. Dove Orchid has soothing properties, which is a great addition to the cleaning milk. Once applied, I spend a minute or so to really work it into the skin. It's silky texture makes it easy to move around the face and it means you can really focus it into problem areas.

After working the product, I place warm cloth directly onto the product, which is still on the skin. I like to let the warmth of the cloth to melt the product into the skin a little more before removing. I also like to use the slight roughness of the cloth as the exfoliant, since 9 to 5 doesn't have a natural exfoliant to it. 

After cleansing, I like to use a toner. I know this may sound like an odd step, but I have reasoning for it. Moisturising is vital to all skincare. You should moisturise every day and I like to use it with a toner. My choice is Tea Tree Toner Water. I like it because of the antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial quality of Tea Tree. It also contains Grapefruit water, which is a natural astringent and Juniper water which is also antiseptic. I use it to keep those ingredients in the skin, but also to assist in moisturising.

Gorgeous is soothing, rejuvenating and enzymic, making it perfect for slightly oiler skins like mine - Orange, lemon and pineapple break down oil dry patches of skin, revealing a bright and softer skin throughout the use of the product. 

I use Gorgeous daily and while it's a little on the pricey side, it's a brilliant product, made even better with a toner. Moisturisers work by locking in moisture and by using it with a toner water like Tea Tree Toner Water, it's going to hold the nutrients from the water in the skin, as well as the amazing ingredients of the moisturiser itself.

And that's it, my current skincare routine. I have to admit, without this quick and easy process, my skin would have been in a state of despair. The past year has been rough for me, sometimes not giving me much time to care for my skin, so a quick routine like this has been so freeing, in terms of time consumption.

What are you using right now? Have you used Lush skincare before, if so, which products?