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Lush Summer Shower Essentials

Two shampoos, two masks and one shower gel. It seems like a lot, right? But in reality, they all have their use and all make the best summer shower, for me. As you can see, they're a little, well used, shall we say.

Dirty Springwash shower gel
It's fresh, minty and really cleanses the skin, leaving you feeling ready to start the day. It's loaded with fine seat salt, spearmint oil and the addition of thyme oil makes it antiseptic and disinfectant. You can also use this gel through the hair and the sea salt will add volume, while the spearmint will stimulate the scalp.

Big Shampoo
Big has always been one of my favourite shampoos. I've always enjoyed sea salt based products for the hair, as I like it as a cleanser for excess oil and dirt and also how it's softening. The coarse sea salt is rather large and to many that's a problem, but for me it's great. I like how large the salt is.

Big also contains fresh sea water for added volume, lemon juice to cleanse, lime to rejuvenate and tooth wrack seaweed to add strength. It's definitely a shampoo for everyone to try out, even if it's just a sample from your local store!

Mask of Magnaminty
A cult product. Mask of Magnaminty now has the status of one of the best products on the market. It's sold in high numbers and for good reason, it's great! Peppermint oil, ground aduki beans and honey, blended with talc and kaolin makes this mask one of the best for anyone who's looking to clean, calm and clear the skin.

I use this twice a week and I never get bored of using it. You feel the tingle of the peppermint oil, the scrub of the ground aduki beans and the soothing quality of the honey. It's a great mask for Summer.

This is the original formulae. Lush also offers a self-preserving version, which contains more honey and they have removed the synthetic paraben

I Love Juicy
Made to cleanse and clarify, I Love Juicy is made with fruit juices that are perfect to remove oiliness; pineapples, kiwi, mango and papaya are used to do this. Seaweed will soften and leave the hair looking shiny and strong.

It does have the most inviting scent and will leave you wanting to use more, but I urge you, a tiny amount goes a long way. I always have a 100g bottle in my bathroom, for when I'm not using Big.

Cup O' Coffee
I use this mostly as a body mask/scrub on a morning. As the name suggests, it's loaded with coffee, in the forms of an infusion and also grounds. The coffee infusion boots the circulation and blood flow to the skin, helping with the appearance of the skin and the grounds work as the most amazing exfoliant; using this product on stretch marks and cellulite will aid in reducing the appearance of them.

I rarely use this on the face as it is very rich, but like I say, on the body this is a must have!

Do you use many Lush shower products? What are your favourites?