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A Gem In The Country

Knitsley Farm Shop is a hidden gem, tucked away in the North East town of Knitsley, Consett. Knitsley Farm isn't only a farm shop, however, there's also a little cafe joined to it, selling the products they sell in the shop and freshly cooked options. It's pretty great!

Just as you expect from a farm shop, you have a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, meat cuts, bread and cheese, but you also find other gems like preserves, cakes and pies. The meringues, which are pictured above are just wonderful. Believe me when I say that a picture does not do them justice - they were huge!

Their freshly made pies are quite the local 'thing' to buy, apparently. They're made fresh on location, with local ingredients and are constantly being refilled due to their popularity. As you can see, there wasn't a lot out when I first arrived, but shortly after we had two shop employees filling them up with a fresh batch - they smelled amazing! I went for the simple steak, as I'm quite fussy when it comes to what is included in stuff like that. It tasted great and you could tell the steak was great quality - definitely worth a buy, if you're in the area.

Cheese is something I'm crazy for, especially Halloumi and my goodness, they had a huge selection. I was in heaven! Again, all made from local milk, which is something I admire, a lot. Their selection is quite large for a small business, showing the best cheeses of the region with extras thrown in from further afield.

Bread is also cooked fresh and local, with local ingredients. This table had one of the best aromas, due to all the different flavour options; wholemeal, walnut, multigrain, fruit loaves and tea cakes. I have to admit though, I have heard they usually have a bigger selection, so maybe my luck wasn't there today. Despite that, I had a great time taking in the smell, sight and talking to the staff about them.

Their most popular area in the store, it seems, is their cake display - packed with incredibly rich ingredients and topped with stunning decoration. I'm a sucker for caramel...anything, so I went for this great caramel topped chocolate meringue and a salted caramel tart. I also picked up a chocolate brownie for my dad, which he'll love.

My experience here was wonderful. Granted, it was very busy and it could fluster someone who doesn't deal with busy environments well, but that just shows it's popularity. If you're ever in Concett, head to Knitsley Farm Shop and take in the splendor that is their product selection, friendly staff and try their cooked breakfast - it'll start your day the right way!

Visit their website here, to find out more - Knitsley Farm Shop