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Find Me on Instagram

When I redesigned my blog to be Milk, something I didn't take into consideration was the rebranding of my Instagram account. I used to simply go by Graeme Fullwood on all of my social media, since the blog was a direct extension of what I was doing under my own name, so when I changed it to Milk, that all had to change.

I set up a new Twitter account and I did set up an Instagram, also, but the reality is, building up that audience will be very hard, considering the amount of bloggers and content creators out there these days. My Instagram @graemefullwood is looking great, if I do say so myself, so it would be a shame to simply let it fall by the waist side so I can focus on a secondary account.

With that being said, I have decided to stick with @graemefullwood and use that as my primary source of sharing images, as well as all my blog posts. It may get a little confusing to some, but i'm sure it's something I'll learn to live with.

So, what i'm trying to say is, here's a shameless plug of my Instagram account - GraemeFullwood. I try to post clean, interesting images as often as I can, so it would be nice to take you on that journey with me.