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August Favourites

It feels like the year has only just begone and I'm already writing down my August favourites. Boy, does the year go fast. We're not far into August, but I've already found myself reusing the same products over and over, so it makes sense they fall under a 'favourites' post.

A nice mix of male style, homeware, beaut and sentimental pieces, which is nice. Lets begin!

GC Fragrance Lemongrass Room Spray

Room sprays are something I've grown to love. I've been finding them constantly in T.K. Maxx and stocking up whenever I can, especially GC Fragrance. Lemongrass has been my go to for July and August; it's fresh, deodorising and very inviting - it also lingers in the air, which is great and exactly what you'd expect of a room spray.

Lemongrass is used to kill germs, I believe, so spraying this on bedsheets has become a daily task. Obviously Lemongrass is also a great uplifting essential oil, making your mind more upbeat and happy, so having this scent welcoming me home is just wonderful.

I'm buying these for a great price of £4.99, which isn't bad considering they're long lasting, smell amazing and have really made me happy to be indoors. Worth a buy, if you can find them.

Lush Mouthwash Tabs in Crème De Menthe

Mouthwash is something I really, really enjoy. I'm not sure whether it's the taste, the purpose or the cleanliness, but I just like it. Lush offer a great selection of products; skincare, bath bombs, hair care, shower gels etc. but they were missing one thing...mouthwash. That was, until now. Mouthwash Tabs by Lush. Wow, I mean, just wow. I know many reading this will think i'm crazy for getting excited over this, but hey, I really like mouthwash and I really love Lush.

Lush released three flavours - Crème De Menthe, Ugai and Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. My personal favourite is the Crème De Menthe, they're super refreshing and leave my teeth feeling wonderfully sparkly and super clean. Menthol crystals, peppermint oil and peppermint powder, mixed with sodium bicarbonate make up these revolutionary little tabs. Being self preserving, small and light these little tabs are perfect for travel (festival goers will adore these!)  Used like tiny little bath bombs, you just pop them in your mouth and mix with a sip of water and let them fix away, releasing that peppermint to freshen your breath. They're even decorated with an edible lustre, to add that familiarity of a bath bomb!

I think these are going to be incredibly popular when they hit general stores all over the world, so grab them while you can!

Each tube contains 45g of product for £5.95

Alexander McQueen Leather Braid

I don't buy designer clothes, it's just not something I'm really interested in, but I will splash out on accessories; watches, bracelets, rings etc. This Alexander McQueen bracelet, however, was a gift to me. I think it's so clean and simple and effortlessly attractive, it's hard to say no to wearing it. I'll usually bring this out in Spring/Summer, no other reason why apart from I just think it's worn best when you're not in long sleeves.

A simple three strip braid of stiff leather, fastening with a silver twist lock. Over the two years I've owned it, the leather has started to soften, giving me more room in the length, which I like as I do have larger wrists and it was a little tight at the start of wearing it. Now it sits comfortably on my wrist with a little room to move. I've been wearing this a lot with the next item, as I think the two go well together.

Skull Ring

This ring doesn't cost a lot, nor is it designer or even for sale any more, but it means something to me. It was given to me by someone a long time ago, sadly they've passed on now, so it's a little reminder of that person and I love it for that reason alone. I pull it out every so often and enjoy it.

The ring is rather heavy, if I'm honest. It sits on my middle finger proudly (the same arm I wear the bracelet on) and it really is a statement piece. It's gathered quite a lot of attention over the years and I wish I could find out where the person got it, or if you can find similar versions online. 

It's made from silver, so it doesn't tarnish, which is great considering my hands are in and out of water constantly at work and so far I'm lucky in that the band of the ring hasn't deformed or misshapen. It's a good piece to wear if you're like me and wear nothing but black.

Le Lift by Chanel

This is a tricky one for me - Chanel make product that works, there's no question in that. This cream does work, but I wont be buying it. Cruelty Free Kitty lists that Chanel make up products are tested on animals, but doesn't list their skincare. I was fully aware that Chanel tested their products, but I'm not fully sure if them being missing from the skincare list means that it's not tested and I can't take that risk. **

As I say, it works and it pains me that it works. Using tiny amount, I'll tap it on under the eye area and let it sink in. I have noticed that my skin appears smoother and tighter in that area. The perfume of the product is something I can do without as it smells cheap and generic, but I never buy a skincare item based on perfume, so that's my being picky. I've been using this from the end of July until now, when I'm writing this and as I say, the difference is noticeable.

** The product I have here is a sample tube - I was given two, and while I wont be purchasing it, I wont be throwing this away. 1) the packaging is plastic, which would just add to the never ending pile of landfill plastic thrown into the sea - all product I buy or receive as a gift in plastic packaging is recycled appropriately and 2) if I throw it away, the animals it was tested on have been through that pointless nonsense for no reason - any gifted items not on the cruelty free list are used for this reason and  I stick to as many cruelty free brands as possible ** 

And that's August! I wonder what will make the list next month?