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Beard Oil & Moustache Wax Review

I was recently contacted by Melanie, from The Bluebeards Revenge, who offered to send me some their beard oil and moustache wax to try out. This was completely out of the blue, but very appreciated! I have been wanting to try out some new beard products lately and in the past I have looked at Bluebeards Revenge, so it's a win win for me!

The product I was most excited to try out was their moustache was as I really need to tame mine! My moustache isn't overly thick, but it's really hard to control as it can just go all over if I don't put anything through it.

I do use Lush Veerappan moustache wax, which works perfectly fine, but as I say, I wanted to try something else out. The Bluebeards Revenge wax is very similar in texture and how hard it is, but I think it works totally different to the one from Lush. This one has much more of a stiff hold to it, which is perfect to maintain a long lasting hold, where the one I currently use is more to tame and brush aside any loose hairs.

I really enjoy this wax. I applied it early during the day and only had to reapply it once, which was after i'd had been drinking throughout my day, which loosened the wax due to the contact with the liquids.

The wax itself comes as a 20ml pot, and it housed by a simple plastic container. The ingredients are as follows Cera alba, petrolatum, parfum, alpha isomethylionone, benzyl salicylate, citral, citronellol, geraniol, butylphenyl methylpropionate, limonene, linalool. 

l.One thing to note about the wax is that it is paragon free, which is amazing, if you ask me!

The wax can be found here and is on sale for £6.99

Moving on, I was also sent two beard oils; The Classic blend and Cuban blend, both in 50ml. These oils are something i'm REALLY enjoying, especially the Cuban as it contains Vetivert, which is an oil I love so much.

The oils themselves really do hydrate the hair and help to control and even shape the beard. The oil helps with setting free any loose hairs which have broken off, so it's also a valuable grooming tool - who knew! With these oils, because they're so rich, you only need a small amount per application, which is fantastic.

If I were to change anything, or offer feedback to Bluebeards Revenge, i'd like to see the addition of stimulating oils into their formulas; cade, nettle, cinnamon, bay or peppermint. I'm always on the look out for stimulating oils, to help promote healthy growth and thickening of the beard and these oils genuinely do help. Working in a cosmetics company, you learn which oils are valuable, and to me those definitely are. Maybe something to work on, Bluebeard? I'm happy to offer some more information also!

One application for the oil is enough for a full day, if you ask me. My beard felt healthy, styled and like I was in control of it, even through blustery cold winds. So it's a great addition to my morning routine.

These oils will get used until i'm scraping the bottle for the last drop, they're that good! Definitely worth checking them out!

The Classic oil can be found here and is on sale for £9.99
The Cuban oil can be found here and is on sale for £9.99

The Bluebeards Revenge offer many more products besides beard and moustache. They provide fragrance and body sprays, grooming accessories for shaving and styling as well as hair pomades and clays. I'm definitely interested in trying out their beard brush as well as their hair styling, especially their Pomade and Matt Paste.

Thank you one again to Melanie from The Bluebeards Revenge for contacting me. It was a pleasure to try out your wonderful products and would welcome to review anything else in the future.