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The Library Of Fragrance Review

The Library Of Fragrance has quickly become a permanent placement on my shelves of perfume and aftershave. These three, however, are what i've been wearing most over the past three weeks. 

When I initially smelled the first scent from Library of Fragrance, I have to say, I was a little disappointed. The alcohol in the perfume itself is very strong, and it does take a good few seconds for it to burn off, in order for the oils to come through, but once they do, they're so worth it.

Marshmallow is the one I use the least, out of these three. I have this one after being given it as a gift for my birthday. It's a great scent for a nice quiet night with friends; it's seet, warm and cosy. I usually go for spicy, smokey and earthy scents, but this one makes a nice change!

I'll use this until I finish it and i'll probably go grab myself another.

Rain, for those days where the air is fresh and you want a clean smell. It really does smell like that cleansing, refreshing sudden downpour in the middle of Spring. I like to use this layered up with Grass, from Library of Fragrance - it gives me the super earthy, fresh spritz that I like from time to time.

Finally we have Musk #7, the favourite. This one has become my daily scent, since receiving it. I have went out and bought three more of these, since it's so great on my skin.

It's smoky and earthy and I love it. For those who like more patchouli focused perfumes, you'll get on with this perfectly.