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Ouseburn Coffee Co. Barillas Review

The Ouseburn Coffee Co. is situated on Foundry Lane, Newcastle - it was founded by a group of artisan coffee roasters and baristas. They're dedicated on providing high quality, selective coffee's from around the world.

The Barillas coffee is my first encounter with Ouseburn Coffee Co. This coffee was actually a gift for my birthday, from a work colleague and I have to say, I love it so much. It offers such a rich flavour; almost buttery with a milk chocolate hint. It also has a hint of orange and liquorice.

Will I be buying more? Definitely. You get 250gms of coffee in each bag and it does last a long time, so it probably won't be anytime in the next week or two (though, I am drinking a hell of a lot of this stuff!), but i'll definitely go for another bag. Some others I want to try are as follows:

Foundry No 1 - This one is described as 'rich, nutty, praline chocolate flavours, full bodied earthiness with that Lintong spark'.

Coffee Johnny - This is their most popular blend. Their website describes it as a 'rich, nutty-chocolate Brazilian coffee, with smooth full bodied beans lightly roasted from Costa Rica'. They go on to say it would be perfect as a drip filter or espresso coffee. I'll definitely enjoy this.

Definitely go check out their website - http://www.ouseburncoffee.co.uk and buy some tasty coffee!