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Add Volume with Big Shampoo!

Haircare is something I love and working at Lush gives me access to all the haircare we stock and i'm very lucky that I get to talk about it on a daily basis with our amazing customers. Big is one of our more popular products and i'm up there with the customers who repeat buy this great product.

Big is my current shampoo and i'm really, really loving it more than I ever have done before. Big is our best selling sea salt shampoo - we have three sea salt based shampoos, but this is my personal favourite also.

So, why is this stuff so great? It's perfect for giving volume, shine, health and a deep clean. It's loaded full of coarse sea salt to soften and add volume, fresh organic lemon juice to cleanse excess oil from the hair and scalp and Toothed Wrack Seaweed infusion to strengthen and revitalise.

The sea salt crystals are big (no pun intended) and that's something I really enjoy. It really helps you scrub the hair clean. As you can see from the image above, the product is oil rich in texture, but still holds it's shape in the product and on the hands before application.

If you were to go for this product, it's one of those cases where it's trial and error on how much you use, depending on the length of your hair. For me, who has short hair, I use about a tablespoon each wash. This amount gives a rich lather and scrubs the hair perfectly.

The hair is left fluffy and bouncy after drying, but you can get rid of that straight away by straightening or drying the hair straight with a brush.

Overall, Big is by far one of the best shampoos Lush provide, though, there are many other great shampoos, which I have and will continue to use when I don't need Big anymore. But for now, Big is my choice of hair cleanser.