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Braun | Beard Trimmer BT5010

Braun have kindly sent me a Beard Trimmer for free, which is odd for someone who has a full beard - maybe they're trying to hint at something? 

I've been growing my beard out now for about a year and so far it's went pretty well, so while I won't be using this, clearly high quality product, for the whole face, I will be using it to clean up around my neck and over the cheeks, to get those defined lines I look for.

Anyway, lets talk about this thing...

The actual product is made by Braun and it's model number is the BT5010 and as you can see, it's to their usual high standard, in terms of production and design. It looks very good, as electronics go. It's made from the usual kind of plastic, which will hold up to any kind of rough and tumble it may go through (you may drop it, I don't know?)

It comes with precision comb, which is detachable. The comb comes with this great system, that allows you to easily adjust the length of your blade guard. It comes with lengths 1-10mm with half mm increments between, which are marked by the dots, as you can see above. Simply twist the dial and you'll get the length you need. It's so simple, it's fantastic.

You can also lock the guard at the desired length using the blue switch above the dial.

Braun boast about a 'lifetime lasting sharp blades for precision trimming without pull and tug'. I'll come back to this post in a few months and add any thoughts and comments on this, once I experience the trimmer itself.

From first experience, however, I can confirm that the blades are super sharp and I've not felt any tugging or pulling along the neck and cheeks, which I have had to deal with from other competition trimmers.

As you can see, the line along my cheek bone is incredibly sharp and the skin is clean and free of hair. What was perfect for me, is that you only have to pass over the area once. I'm personally very speedy when it comes to my face and trimming my beard. I like to get it over with and the BT5010 allowed me to do it, with no fuss and in little to no time - which is exactly what I like.

You also get a little bottle of their appliance oil, to help keep the blades moving freely and with ease. Pop this on the blades after washing and it will help keep them pristine.

Now, here's my only gripe with the product. Here I am, in the UK and while Braun is German brand, they've sent this product to me with the European power plug. In order to use it, I had to go out and buy myself an adapter, which wasn't ideal, since I was itching to get using it straight away. I suppose this is aimed at those who have shaving sockets in their bathrooms, but since not many people have those in the UK, then it can be a problem.

But, if that's my only problem with the product, then I can't really complain. Maybe they'll send me an adapter in the post, who knows?

If you want to see more information on this beard trimmer, you can see more on Amazon or Argos. Sadly and for a reason unknown to me, Braun don't have this listed on their website anymore.