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The Gentleman's Watch Co. | Rose Gold 'Lincoln'

The Gentleman's Watch Co. is a little company in Oxford, who stock high quality, affordable watches that really look the part. They initially actually came to my attention through a Facebook ad; curiosity got the better of me and I dove right in to their website. I got a little surprise, since I was expecting them to be highly priced. I was very wrong. Admittedly, I really wanted to see the price of the Lincoln, since it's a pretty close duplicate of the Daniel Wellington Classic Glasgow 40mm, only without the Daniel Wellington name on the clock face.
The watch pictured above is actually their Lincoln in Rose Gold, from their Oxford collection and it's the one I instantly fell in love with. Though, I do have a strong and ever growing love affair with their Frankfurt, as well as their Wadham. I do believe, with the arrival of my next pay day, i'll be considering buying them also. I think my life needs them.

As i've said, they're affordable. The Lincoln is priced at £24.00 and they even threw in free delivery. The delivery itself did take a little while, I'm not going to lie. It took two weeks to finally arrive, but for free delivery, you can't really complain too much. It's free, right?
The watch i've been wearing now since the day I took delivery of it and i've had no problems at all. It's still working, it's comfortable and even the removable plastic screen protector hasn't budged at all. I'll probably keep the protector on until it becomes ugly or peels off. 
GWC have been featured in GQ, Condé Naste and Tatler, so it's not like they're an unknown, untrusted company. 
Overall, I'm incredibly happy with my Lincoln and I think many other people will be too! Check them out here - www.gwcwatches.com