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Summer Favourites | Perfume

Death & Decay | Gorilla Perfumes

Death and Decay is a blend of florals, making it surprisingly super fresh and perfect for Spring/Summer. It's described as 'a pungent with a narcotic headiness' and it is just that. The blend of florals, along with the name, suggests the scene of a funeral parlour, where the air is full of sweet flowers and that's exactly what I get from it. Ingredients include Ylang Ylang oil, Rose oil, Jasmine absolute and Tonka absolute.

I've only ever worn this a few times, if i'm honest. Not because of the perfume itself, but more so what it now represents. The perfume was released the same week my Nana passed and it was the fragrance I actually wore to her funeral, so for me, it now has such an emotional back story. I still love it though, and probably will wear it when the air is crisper. The wear time for this perfume is insane. You can dispense a small drop from the dropper and that will last you six hours or more, without having to apply more. 

It's a keeper!

Death and Decay is available in Lush stores and online. £30/30ml

Grooming Room Cologne | Ted Baker

This fragrance I don't wear a lot and i'm not sure why. Maybe it just doesn't suit my skin? Or maybe it's because I much prefer weirder smells, like you get from Gorilla Perfumes and Etat Libre d'Orange, who knows?

The cologne itself is alright, actually. It has a nice fresh citrus and ginger blend, though it doesn't liner on my skin for long; maybe about three hours wear time? I know that stills sounds like a long time, but i'm so used to getting six hours or more from others I own.

For me, it'll be one of those bottles that i'll keep around for when I need a quick splash of scent, but don't want to break open a new bottle or use something i'm running low on.

This one i'll be taking to Italy with me, when I go for my holiday. I know this because I really don't want to risk loosing/breaking/having an accident with any of my other, more expensive fragrances. And I think the heat of Italy will bring out the citrus much more and hopefully that will keep it on my skin much longer!

Grooming Room Cologne is available on Boots online £10/100ml

Flowers Barrow | Gorilla Perfume

Flowers Barrow, what can I say, it's by far one of my all time favourite fragrances by Gorilla Perfumes. It takes me back to happy times and reminds me of summer so much. It's rich Blackcurrant  rich scent, teamed with Rose, Geranium and Chamomile is perfect for afternoons in beer gardens under the heat from the Sun.

The scent itself lingers on my skin much longer than all the other Gorilla Perfume's I own. I get a ten hour wear time from this, easily. Just another reason for me to love it.

My first encounter with Flowers Barrow was an incredibly happy one, so this scent will take me back to that moment every time I smell it, so i'll always keep it close by!

Flowers Barrow is available online via the Lush website. £32/30ml £16/10ml

Lord of Misrule | Gorilla Perfume

This one is something special and also limited edition. Lord of Misrule, as many Lushies out there will know, is the scent of a very popular bath bomb we sell at Halloween. It's a blend of Black Pepper oil, Fair Trade Vanilla absolute and Patchouli oil. It's spicy!

The bath bomb will be my all time favourite bath product to use from Lush, so when they announced last christmas that they'll be doing their eagerly awaited forum perfumes and one of them would be the Lord of Misrule scent, I had to jump and get one...or 6 in fact.

It lingers on my skin for a good six or seven hours without having to apply more. As you can see, i'm exactly half way through my bottle, which is soul destroying to me. I can't stop using it, but I really need to hold back, or i'll eventually run out of this amazing scent.

Lord of Misrule is no longer available to buy, sadly. So I can't supply any information on purchasing.


Superworld Unknown | Gorilla Perfume

A complete change in bottle design, simply because this one is pretty old! It's one hell of a scent, though. Immediately, when it hits the skin, I get the blast from the Neroli, Lime and Bergamot. Once those fade away, though, I get the amazing blend of Sandalwood, Benzoin, Black Locust and Tonka. 

I do think it's more on the masculine side, if it were to be gender labeled, but anyone could get away with wearing this, because of how transformative it is. It's wonderful! Perfect for Summer. The Lime will jump out under the Sun and instantly uplift your mood.

Again, this is available via the Gorilla Perfume store in Islington and also via Lush Oxford Street

Voice of Reason | Gorilla Perfume

I've left this one until last. Voice of Reason is something very special to me, because of the scent, the inspiration and how it smells on my skin.

I love smoky fragrances and this is definitely one of those. Inspired by Allen Ginsberg and the Beat Generation, it's supposed to smell like the scent of jazz bars; a combination of cigarettes, coffee and whiskey. You get this from the mix of Sandalwood, Buddha Wood and Tonka.

Any of you who know me will be aware of my, lets be honest, obsession with Allen Ginsberg. His poem Howl changed my life and the way I view literature. So when I heard Lush were creating a perfume based on his background I was super excited.

Voice Of Reason is perfect on my skin at the back end of Summer, when the weather is starting to cool and the rain is approaching (perfect for today, since it's pouring down) and keeps my mind open. I love it so, so much.

Voice of Reason is no longer available.