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Karma Bubble Bar Reformulation?

As we all know, Lush likes to keep their customers on their toes in terms of new products, secret announcements, their Kitchen menu and any reformulations of existing products and once again, they haven't let us down!

Karma Bubble Bar has always been a go-to of mine and many, many others around the world. So I think it's safe to say that, just like me, I was incredibly eager to get my hands on the reformulation and finally we have it in my store. What a stunner!

Working at Lush means I get to have my hands on this whenever i'm on shift and believe me, I have been doing just that! I am demonstrating this whenever I can and the reaction so far is that customers are loving it and i'm incredibly happy to hear it.

Karma has the same scent as previously, just intensified! Orange oil, Patchouli and Pine oil makes up the main base of the fragrance, joined with Lemongrass oil and now Mango butter. The addition of the Mango butter makes it super luxurious and creamy.

The texture is now very earth-like, almost like soil and I LOVE it. It crumbles well, gives an amazing colour and smells divine as always in hot water.

It's a definite must have! Go smell it, go feel it and go buy it!