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Candle Review | WoodWick in Water Mint

So, this has been a long overdue post and I have only myself to blame; myself, a hectic work/social life/photograph location scavenger hunt is a busy mix. But I am back and back with a good one, if I say so, myself.

WoodWick candles have been a long time love of mine. Their strong scent, long burn time, beautiful packaging and of course, their little novelty, the wood wick make for a brilliant candle, so I was thrilled when I came home to find this little beauty waiting for me!

Now, lets get the tricky part out of the way. I have no idea who sent me these. There was no email discussion, there's no return postage mark on the package or no note. Nothing. It is a gift from the world; but I think it has a theme, because I was also sent, in the same package, a Body Shop shower gel from their Virgin Mojito range. Two mint products, seems a little odd, right? 

Anyway, lets just do this.

The candle is, as i've said, made by a company i've loved for a long time. The smell is Water Mint, which is a super fresh, hydrating smell and the mint element is right at the top of the notes. It's delightful. I burned it for a good half an hour, but within minutes the room was filled with the rich scent and instantly made the mood in the room seem lighter and bright. 

In the past i've opted more for the smoky and earthy smells from WoodWick; leather, camp fire, burnt wood, that kind of thing and went to Yankee for the fresh smells, so this was a lovely little change for me, but keeping me hooked with the crackle of the actual wood wick, which is a soothing background noise for someone like me!

After some online looking, i've found the candle on Collectables and Amazon, but oddly, not on the WoodWick website itself. Weird.

Thank you, kind stranger, I shall burn it well and enjoy!