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Lush | Oily Skincare Routine!

For someone who has a oily skin throughout the year, despite the constant change in the weather, I needed a good, rich skincare routine to help tame the oily beasts living in my skin and i've found it after some tinkering with products. Let me share it with you!

Lush have always satisfied me with products in my need and fight to guide my oily skin through the winter months without over drying the skin and leaving me like a flaky left over pie on Boxing Day and for that I thank them dearly.

This year saw two changes to my skin routine, 1) Mask of Magnaminty is now Self Preserving and long gone is the previous formulation from my routine (though it's still available in stores and online) and 2) Kalamazoo Beard and Facial Wash has been introduced, the newest Lush product aimed to cleanse and soften beards and skin. So let me walk you through this routine!

I'll guide you using the image above.

First off we have Mask of Magnaminty over the T zone. I use this in the T zone because I personally don't get a very oily forehead, but still want the deep cleanse and cooling that the product gives you. Kaolin gets deep into your pores and gives them a good cleanse without doing damage and Mask of Mag is loaded with the stuff, so that's ideal. It also has talc which is absorbing and honey which is moisturising. So in general, it's perfect for my T Zone! As mentioned before, it's now Self Preserving and by that I mean the new formulation of Mask of Mag has an increased Honey content, allowing it to preserve itself. 

Mask of Magnaminty Self Preserving/Preserved is available in stores and online for £5.25 125g / £9.25 315g

Moving onto the centre of the face and cheeks. Here I use Dark Angels facial cleanser. This is the area of the face that I get most breakouts, when they do actually break out. I am quite thankful that, despite having this more oily area, due to my glasses, I still don't get a lot of breakouts, but I don't want to neglect and risk any and that's where dark angels comes into play. Dark Angels is loaded Rhassoul Mud which is another form of a cleanser, so again this helps get deep into the pores and give them a deep clean. It also has lots of Powdered Charcoal which is amazing at absorbing oils from the skin and that's what I really bought the product for. 

I've used charcoal based cleansers before, but they were loaded with chemicals that I really wasn't happy about having on the skin, so I swapped it as soon as Lush developed this beauty. It also contains Black Sugar which is a lovely exfoliant and Rosewood Oil, a natural antiseptic that also has uplifting qualities.

Dark Angels is available in stores and online for £6.40 100g

Now the beard and Kalamazoo. I have searched and searched for a product that wasn't a moisturiser and wasn't a mask for my beard. I wanted something that softened, added shine and left it with a nice scent and Lush have nailed it once again. One of the more recent products to be introduced to our never ending catalogue, Kalamazoo acts both as a beard wash and a general facial wash that really works! The fresh Pineapple does a brilliant job at cleansing the skin, while the Apricot Kernel Oil and Cupacu Butter softens the hair and skin wonderfully. The scent is citrus as the product also contains Lime Oil and Brazilian Orange Oil and boy does it linger and I love that. 

Kalamazoo is available in stores and online for £6.50 110g

And that's my autumn/winter skincare! I hope anyone who tries any of the product i've mentioned have the same results as I do, because they're really great. They leave your skin feeling great and looking blemish free and that's the aim of the game really, isn't it? Below is an image of my skin at the moment. The image had not been altered in any way so you can see the results this little combination can potentially give you. My beard is lovely and soft, smelling great and tamed while my skin is soft, oil free and fairly tight, it's amazing, I can't lie.

* Disclaimer - while I do work for Lush, the products mentioned in this post were purchased using my own money and were not gifted to me. As usual, any gifted products will be mentioned in each post.