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The Male 'Ideal'


Lately, i've experienced a lot of ups and down in what people deem to be the male 'ideal' in terms of appearance. Before, there was a certain majority who considered the 'ideal' to be the muscly, fit, lean, thin guy with the perfect hair, perfect smile and the biggest dick, but suddenly that seems to have changed. I'm not entirely sure if it has changed overall as a general liking, or if it's just within the people I spend most of my time with.

Far too many queens are out there are saying that the ‘male ideal’ is this or that, but i’ve noticed, what they say is the ‘ideal’ is usually what they’re fucking at the time and suddenly their ex, to who they devoted four loving months toward, is now no longer the 'ideal' and the complete embodiment of what a man should not be. It's very confusing.

So please, someone tell me, what are people considering to the be best looking male these days; Thin, fat, hairy, smooth, muscle, skinny, slim, chubby, twink, bear, femme, otter, jock, muscle bear? If you find out, could you please let me know?