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The Magical Penis?

It baffles me, that even today there are men out there who think they are God’s gift to humanity and that they can rule over what they believe to be their ‘seconds’ - ‘seconds’ being someone who isn’t equal to them and they are, in fact, not to their level.

Recently i’ve been speaking to a guy on Scruff who, through his own ego and elitism, thought he could speak to me like a piece of shit because his dick was apparently bigger; this was informed by conversation and him sending endless pictures of his dick. He had convinced himself that, because his dick was a whole half an inch bigger than mine (going off the typical number size), he was ‘superior’ to me, that I wasn’t his equal and I was then below him in the ‘ranks of man’. It got me thinking, where did this group of gay guys come from? The ones that think the size of their dick dictates their level of masculinity and that they’re ‘higher’ than other people, like some kind of dick sucking monarchy.

I’m the first to admit that I have spoke about the size of mine and that i’m more than happy with it, but i’ve never once put myself above another for being bigger, nor have I ever felt lower than someone if mine wasn’t as big as theirs. So where has this guy come from? Did I miss out on some kind of super race that have a magical penis rulebook?

Has anyone else this kind of deluded superiority in the gay community?