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Post Surgery Update 2.0

After two long weeks of difficulty, at the result of wearing multiple bandages and dressings, they  and my stitches have been removed! It looks nasty, right?

The nurse said my incision has healed nicely, but the actual growth of the cyst, as well as the surgery to remove it, has resulted in some dead nerve endings in my hand. So, in short, the area around the wound (roughly a 2" circle around it) has no feeling at all. She said that it's unlikely that the feeling will come back, but you never know. For me though, this isn't really a problem, since I have no real use for the back of my hand. 

But overall, minus a few appointments to check that all of the cysts have been removed properly, i'm done with this issue and i'm so thankful that it's over. While the cysts themselves weren't causing a lot of pain, it was just uncomfortable for me when holding a camera and I'm glad to see the back of them in order for me to continue with photographing the world.

So that's all folks, unless there's a horrible twist, we shall no longer be hearing about my hand problems, huzzah!