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Vape Club Electronic Cigarettes

Thanks to Kristina from Vape Club, i've been given the chance to try out their products and give them a review for my blog. I was happy that Kristina let me have this opportunity, especially since i'm desperate to give up smoking! After emailing back and forth, we agreed that i'd be sent their Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit. Once it had been delivered, my pack included:

2x disposable electronic cigarettes (approximately 15 regular cigarettes each, so around 30 in total)
1x rechargable lithium battery
1x USB charger
5x cartomizers (equivalent to 40 tobacco cigarettes each, so around 200 in total)
1x free cartomizer with each order (equivalent to 40 tobacco cigarettes)

I was really impressed with the amount they gave me and couldn't wait to try them out. Since I had quite a good stock of the refills, as well as two disposable electronic cigarettes, I thought it was only right to get a duel opinion on them and offer one of the disposable products to my friend to try out and combined we'd be able to give a good review.

I'd first like to talk about the disposable product. As you can see from the picture above, they're very realistic in their aesthetic, even down to the gold band where the 'filer' meets the area you'd usually find the tobacco. The disposable products are light in weight, they feel sturdy and they're easy to carry around on your person. I've been keeping mine in my jeans pocket and i've found no discomfort or annoyance. The size of the product is just over 8.5cm in length, to give you an idea of scale.

Onto the actual smoking experience itself, I can't complain really. At first I thought it was a little harsh, but that's only because i'm used to smoking menthol cigarettes and these are the equivalent of regular, non flavoured tobacco. After using it a few times you definitely get used to it. And lets face it, if you're serious about giving up smoking, what's a little harmless surprise harshness?

In terms of 'realness', it certainly feels like you're smoking a regular cigarette, so I have no doubts in my mind that they do trick the mind in thinking you're getting your tobacco fix.

Moving on to the rechargeable version, I can safely say the experience is pretty much the same in terms of smoking the product, but there's a different with the actual product, but that's a given. The changes are as follows, the size of the product is bigger; almost 2cm longer in length. This change in length is clear, to my anyway! Since this product holds more 'cigarettes' by roughly 25, the size of the 'filter' section is going to be longer to hold the increase in liquid used to cause the vapour or 'smoke'. 

Another difference is the weight. Again, this is understandable since it holds a rechargeable battery and has that increase in liquid. These changes don't make much of a difference in how you treat the product or how you carry it around and I didn't find any problems in carrying it around with me; same situation as before, in my jeans pocket and there was no irritation from it.

The 'smoke' gives the same feeling as the disposable product, a little harsh at first (for me, that's not to say it'll be the same for everyone - I was a menthol smoker, remember) but after time I adjusted to it. As with both products, the vapour you get after exhaling is probably less than you would get for a regular cigarette which is great, but even if it were the same or more, it's not harmful so there's nothing to worry about there.

Each cartomizer has a nicotine strength of 16mg (1.6% per ml) and includes Propylene Glycol, Glycerol, Water and Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine, only.

Each cartomizer or refill (the ones that look like cigarette filters) which ever you'd like to call it, comes individually wrapped and they're then bulk packaged into a box. I personally like the idea of having them all individuals, they'll be much easier to carry around and not take up loads of space on your person or in your bag. 

The screw right into the battery unit, which is the area tobacco would usually be and they fit together perfectly, so there should be no problems there. 

As for charging the battery, it's the same as screwing in the 'filter', you take the USB charger and screw the battery into the base, plug into a USB port on a computer or USB power adapter and you're charging. It's very simple. They have indicator lights to show that you're charging, so you shouldn't have any problems or doubts if they're charging. 

Now onto the business! This starter kit is the lowest cost kit Vape Club have available and you can purchase it for £4.99 and they're usually dispatched within 24 hours. 

UK first class delivery is free, but do allow 1-3 days for it to arrive. Special Next Day delivery (by 9am) is usually £15.25, but for orders over £10, you get free delivery, which is a brilliant deal if you ask me! For Europe, North American and Worldwide delivery is free, but do allow 5-8 days for it to arrive.

Personally, I'm really enjoying this product and haven't smoked an actual cigarette since receiving it! I think it's a great starter kit and i'll definitely consider buying more from Vape Club in the future. If you'd like to take a look at this product for yourself, you can see it here and consider making a purchase : Vape Club Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

While I received this item for free, my review is unbiased and honest. Thoughts and opinions are my own and are in no way swayed by the people or companies mentioned in this post