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My domain registration company sent me a little email a while back confirming they've managed to save graemefullwood.uk and it's mine to have for £5.99 a year, if I wish it to be mine. Now, I have to seriously think about this, if i'm honest, because i'm not sure if I really want it. My main website, where I store all my photographic work is .co.uk and I don't think i'll be changing that for some time since many of my viewers are so used to it being that way, so what would I do with .uk?

I have thought about it and through many battles, I've decided that it would be nice to have it for this blog. Now, I have worked rather hard to make Faggot Freakshow a name i'm proud of and believe me, i'll continue to be proud of that name and everything that it holds, but in terms of me as a blogger, I can't help but think if my blog would be best with the graemefullwood.uk domain. I have slowly changed the design of the blog, so that it reflects my personality more and the words 'faggot freakshow' seem to have been taken from it. Faggot Freakshow as a pairing will forever be strong with me and i'll never not see myself as just that, but I think it's time to accept change and make the move to the .uk domain. 

I want this blog to become an extension of me as a person, not a separate thing that is connected to me and since everything I work on, with the exception of Fagazine, is under the name Graeme Fullwood, I think it's only right that this is that too. So I guess, what i'm saying is, Faggot Freakshow, as name only, will slowly become lost on the blogosphere. The domain name and blog name will still be mine, for future use or if I have a breakdown and revert to my old ways, but I think the .uk domain is the right way to go, for now at least.

While I have made my mind up, I am going to sit on it for a little while longer and concrete in my decision. But until that time, this blog will be named after my actual name, but will still continue to use faggotfreakshow.co.uk.