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Lush | Movis Soap

Lush are forever inventing interesting and innovating products and they have definitely done just that with their Movis soap. Aesthetically, it doesn't leap off the shelves like other products such as Magnificent or Miranda, for example, but if you give it a go, you'll not be disappointed!

A creation thought up by Mo Constantine, co-founder of Lush, this soap matches the look of baked bread and so it should, it's made from it. Really, it includes wholemeal bread, as well as other ingredients, which we'll touch on later.

While it's not the most flamboyant of their product line, the scent sure does measure up with some of their more famous names. It smells amazing and I really mean that. It's a combination of fresh wholemeal bread and something sweet and sticky.

Other ingredients include extra virgin coconut oil, Fair Trade sugar, organic wheatgerm oil and cocoa butter. You can definitely feel the coconut oil in the soap, it adds texture and it leaves you feeling moisturised, which is very pleasant from a soap. 

Speaking of texture, it's definitely not what you would consider to be like your average bar of soap, or in fact anything else that you get at Lush, for example. It's soft, flexible and insanely manageable; it doesn't slip out of your hand like you do with a usual solid bar.

As a soap it does the job very well, and because of the ingredients, it also helps exfoliate your skin. While it doesn't produce a high lather count, it does give you a nice oily cleanser, which actually works, unlike other oil cleansing soaps.

As someone who loves weird and wonderful scents and tries to avoid fruity soaps as best he can (that is until the temptation becomes impossible),  I love it and will become one of those staple products in my regime. I did initially only buy a small slice of it, but my next purchase will be much larger!

It's definitely worth a go, if you're curious or want to try something a little different. Go get some samples and have fun.

Movis is available in stores and online. You can read more about it here