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Lush | Want Perfect Skin? Mask of Magnaminty It!

I often use face masks and my go to for them is Lush, no surprise there, but sometimes I don't always need to use it a lot. So because of this, the use by date for the Lush fresh face masks comes around faster than i'd hope and this is where the Mask of Magnaminty comes in. This stuff lasts for quite a while. The recommended time is five months, but realistically, depending on how you store your tub, it can last a little longer. 

I've had my current tub for five months now and as you can see below, it's still is pretty good condition. I store mine in my bedroom, away from sunlight and out of reach of any moisture (so not near my windows or radiator.) It still works great, but ideally you'd want to use a fresher batch. 

The mask itself, as you can imagine is full of mint; peppermint oil is used to wake up sluggish skin and leave you feeling fresh! The mask also contains talc, kaolin and vegetable glycerine, which helps glide the product over the skin and avoid irritating any sensitive skin. Other ingredients are Fairtrade Vanilla Absolute, Primrose seeds and Marigold oil; all of which have been sourced from cruelty free suppliers.

I use Mask of Magnaminty on my face twice a week, once as a scrub and the other as a full face mask. When using it as a scrub, I tend to focus the product on my forehead, bridge of the nose, cheekbones and around the nose. Since using it, my skin has increased so much. I never really had any problems with my skin, but I have still noticed a more healthy feel to my face. I think the combination of scrubbing the product and using it as a mask, allowing it to soak in naturally is what's keeping my skin feeling good, to be honest. 

As you can guess the scent is very minty and I think it definitely helps you to feel better. On me it almost works as a kind of trick of the mind because I think mint smells very fresh, so when using it the scent gives the illusion of everything being fresh, if that makes sense? I don't know, just something i've experienced.

The product is now available preservative free, which is even better. Below are two links so you can take a look at the product more and buy it if you're wanting to give it a go.