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The Pansy Project - Amazing Lush Campaign with Artist Paul Harfleet

So once again Lush have teamed up to bring us another amazing campaign using the work of Paul Harfleet as the main source of imagery. Paul uses photography to capture locations of homophobic abuse and marks each location by planting a Pansy, a flower which is associated to gay men through name and meaning. The project was started by personal experiences of homophobia.

Watch the campaign video above and take a look at some of the images Paul has already made available online. Three are posted below and the rest can be seen at here: The Pansy Project

“You are going to pay for touching me you faggot. I’m taking everything you’ve got,” City Centre, Newcastle by Paul Harfleet

Image Credits

(left) "Fuck off! You fucking Queer!" Folgate Street, London by Paul Harfleet
(right) "Batty Boys!" Kings Cross, London by Paul Harfleet