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Lush | Dirty Styling Cream

As i've said in previous posts, I like my hair to be as perfect as it can be, for whatever situation and recently i've cut off my quiff, so now, more than ever, it's important to get my hair as perfect as I can so I can perfect the new style.

In my mid-late teens I was all about the use of hairspray, but recently that has changed majorly. I've slowly but surely removed the use of hairspray from my styling routine, so I was in desperate need of a replacement product and that is where Lush's Dirty Styling Cream comes in to play.

 The cream, which is very smooth and scented of sandalwood and pine, glides over the hair, but soon builds up a great amount of hold while using such a small amount. Lush recommends using a dab, so to make it easy for my readers, I tend to two finger dips; literally dip your finger into the product and repeat and that should be enough for short-medium hair. The product keeps the hold while providing a matte look.

Once opened, the product lasts for about one year or just over, so don't worry about using it all up at once just because you've opened it.

I literally spread it around on my finger tips and run it through my hair and slick into style and by the time i've worked my way from the front to the back of my head all the cream has set into a decent hold. Everything I want and needed from a product, excellent!

Another thing to take note of, the small pots are recyclable and if you return 5 clean full size pots you'll get to choose a face mask for free.

Again, to make it easy for you guys, if you're interested in reading more and want to buy it you can see it here : Lush Dirty Styling Cream