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The Lost Street Photography & Updates

Sadly, a couple of months ago my MacBook Pro's hard drive failed, causing me to be without access to some of my older photography and writings, and finally, today I got round to getting some old street work and text documents off it, so i've uploaded the photographs to my website after going through them with a fine comb. Some didn't make the cut, sadly, but they're still there for future upload possibilities. For now, go take a look here - www.graemefullwood.co.uk

As for the texts, i'm working on them now and should be posted soon! My beloved MacBook Pro is going to be repaired over the weekend and a new hard drive fitted. It shall live once again, but until then, i'm using my slightly older MacBook for those late night bed blogs and my iMac for the most in depth posts and image/video editing. 

There you go, a nice quick little update for you. Please go out and check my website, it really does help me out! More posts soon!