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Return of the King: Club Kid Michael Alig Being Released May 5th

Michael Alig
Michael Alig, king of the Club Kids and convicted for the murder of Andre "Angel" Melendez is set to be released May 5th, 2014 and I can't wait to see him free. Alig admitted and pleaded guilty to manslaughter as was sentenced to 10-20 years in prison for the death of Angel.

Alig, who was notorious on the New York club scene gained a name for himself by organising insane and outrageous parties along side socialite and personal mentor James St. James. In this time, his fame and success influenced and elevated the early promotion of his then boyfriend DJ Keoki, who would frequently DJ for the Limelight. Regulars, now known as Club Kids included Gitsie, Robert "Freeze" Riggs, Richie Rich, Angel, Amanda Lepore and RuPaul.

Michael Alig and James St. James
The heightened fame and success invited the Club Kids into the drug culture of the early 90's and Michael was not shy to taken drugs and openly discussing them. Angel, who worked at the Limelight moved into Alig's apartment shortly after the closure of the Limelight by police. This new living space caused controversy, drama and physical confrontations, usually about drugs and Alig's drug debt towards Angel. This escalated and eventually caused a crime committed by Freeze and Alig. 

During an argument over drugs and debts, Freeze hit Angel over the head with a hammer after hearing threats from Angel to Alig stating he'd better pay the money or he'll break his neck. Freeze states he hit Angel three times on the head before Alig attempted to smother him with a pillow.

Michael Alig (left), Angel (middle) and James St. James (right)
portrayed by Macaulay Culkin (left), Wilson Cruz (middle) and Seth Green (right)
Alig confessed to have later injected Angel with Drano, a drain cleaning product, while conflicting story told by Riggs stated he had poured it down the throat of Angel and then taped his mouth shut. The two stored the body on ice in a bathtub to prevent it from rotten, but the smell started to overpower the apartment and they soon had to dispose of the body. After injecting himself with heroin, Alig then proceeded to cut the legs of the corpse and stored the remanding body in a box until he later threw it in the Hudson River.

Fast forward seventeen years later and here we are. Michael Alig has served his time in prison, all while updating his fans via Twitter in a system where he'd write and get messages to a friend, who'd post from an account set up in his name. In his time as a prisoner, he's regained his following and has influenced many others to carry on the tradition of the Club Kids, some not too far away from me.

Mutha Tucka and Beauty Killer, the Newcastle Klub Kids
Newcastle has seen the Klub Kids explode on the gay scene and make quite a name for themselves amongst the gay bars and neighbouring cities.

Crystal Meth, Newcastle Klub Kid (and my personal favourite)
Come May 5th, Michael will be released and back in the free world. I am so excited to hear what he has in store and what we'll see from him, if anything. I do hope we see something! I'd personally love for him to be a guest on Transformations, a web show hosted by James St. James, where he gets creatives to transform him with makeup, costumes and other various methods. That is something i'd love to see!

I guess I don't have long to wait! I'm pretty sure if anything does come from his release, i'll post it on here or my Twitter. I do love me some Michael Alig, so keep your eyes peeled!