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Reclaiming the Queer Language

I have this way of thinking where you take from words whatever you want. Meaning you own the word and make it suitable for you. Words that can be hurtful don't have to be anymore. Now how does this work into Faggot Freakshow, well, one word makes the connection, faggot.

Negative words used against the LGBTQ community were once a problem to me. I used to be bullied a lot by kids in school who'd call me faggot, puff, queer and sissy daily, thinking they were bigger and better than me, but one day it hit me that they just weren't, so I started to own my words. I have to admit, writers like Allen Ginsberg helped me come to terms with words and pushed me down the path of owning them and take from them what I wanted. So now words like faggot and queer are MY words and I think a hell of a lot of others have the same way of thinking, but maybe without the same thought process; words that are now part of my community once again. These once derogative terms are now the language of 'my people' and i'm so happy to hear it.

This is a pretty brief post, but I just wanted to throw it out there and see what happens. Hopefully i'll be posting more soon. I have a few plans this week, so i'll try and capture them all as best as I can.