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Ignorance, Hairspray and Daffodils

Today I intended to go into town, grab some stuff and then shoot some street and go photograph a few locations I want for a new series of images. Instead, what I did was buy my stuff and make a dart back home. Sunderland City Centre is possibly the most irritating place to be when the kids are off school, which seems to be every other week these days. I had people pushing me out of the way, walking infront of where I was looking at products and generally being so ignorant to other people around them.

At one point, while looking at which hairspray to buy (yes, I know it's not great for the hair, but I need it to keep my hair looking as dashing as ever) I had some ignorant little cretin stand directly infront of me. Like, I can understand him doing so if I were quite a distance back from the shelves, but I was probably less than two feet away? He pushed by others and planted himself directly at the point where my toes ended. That kind of attitude really annoys me, espeically when I would have moved along, if he had asked.

So, as a result of all of this, I left and didn't shoot any street or the locations I wanted. On the ride back home I felt such a feeling of let down that I hadn't taken any images, so I snapped this with my phone while I was walking to my house. Nothing special really, just some interesting architecture, contrasting colours with the daffodils and grass and crappy track marks off the council grass cutting machines. 

For those interested, I was looking at and deciding between the Got2b Glued and TRESemme Superior Hold Touchable Feel. I went with the TRESemme in the end, I figured I didn't need a lot of hold since I pin my quiff back with hair grips, but still wanted to keep the flyaway hairs in place. Plus the can is massive and will last me ages. I used to use the Got2b Glued all the time when I had my mohawk, but it's just not needed now. 

So that's my day, nothing too interesting I know, so forgive me. Tonight however, we're going out 'clubbing' for our friends birthday, which was yesterday. It's her first night out in a year as she's now a mummy! I plan to get her absolutely WASTED. Good day to you all!