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Brody Dalle - Diploid Love Mini Review

Brody Dalle - Diploid Love - Release April 28th 2014
Brody Dalle, who has successfully created musical gems with Distillers and Spinnerette is just about to release her new album Diploid Love under her own name and will be her first Solo Album ever. A five year break has definitely impacted on this album and you can tell when you listen to the songs, they're filled with personal experiences, emotion and new musical styles we've never heard from her before. Most shocking to me was the piano power balled 'I Don't Need Your Love', which has fast become one of my favourites from the album. Don't worry though, the album is still laced with up tempo guitars, raspy vocals and addictive Distillers-esque guitar riffs. Certainly anyone who loved Distillers can buy this album and be satisfied.

As i've said previously, new albums from new artists really need to be perfect in order for me to attach myself to it and really appreciate it, and while Brody isn't really a new artist, I still went in with the same nervousness I do when listening to unknown musicians. Instantly though, I knew I didn't have to have that worry, the album and I hit it off straight away and it has been playing since.

Some of my own personal favourites are 'Rat Race', 'Underworld', 'Dressed In Dreams' and 'I Don't Need Your Love', but truthfully, as a whole the album hits everything I want from her. The music production is stunning, the lyrics are powerful and is influenced by her and her life post Distillers. In my eyes its a great summer anthem for those into this style of music and it will definitely be mine, without a doubt.

Brody Dalle's Diploid Love is being released on April 28th and I seriously suggest you get it if you're into her previous works. I'll leave a sample below of what you expect for those of you who haven't heard anything by her before.