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Tumours, Cysts, and Stevie Nicks

A few of you have been wondering where my 'Note to Self' images and general frequent posts have been for the past week or two, well, I think I need to come clean and be honest and say that they haven't happened because of multiple reasons. One of them being that i've spent most of my time at the hospital for appointments, tests and general wild goose chases by the doctors, at my expense, might I add, so I have found it difficult to find time to sit down and write up some stuff.

So what's actually going on. Well to kick off, my head, neck and ear are giving me pain 24/7 lately, let me go into it further. When I was a kid, age 7 I think it was, I had to have some serious surgery done on my ear and head to remove a tumour which had latched itself on my skull. They also had to remove the three auditory ossicles, which you can see below, at the top of the image (as kids we're taught these to be the 'three small ear bones'). While there they had to remove some of my skull, move it to another area to close some holes found in my inner ear. So that happened and then when I was 13 the tumour returned, only this time it was worse and now it seems that the same problem is making another appearance and it has once again attached itself, so it's classed as a T3, meaning it has grown into the base of the skull. Joy!
See the three bones I mentioned earlier at the top of the image; the Malleus, Incus and the Stapes

So because of all of this, I get insane ear infections, ear pain, major headaches and neck pain. And lately, that's all i've felt. And to top this all off, my body has thrown at me a cyst in my hand, which is growing from the wrist joint, causing the most crippling pain whenever I move my wrist. From what my doctor has told me, they don't normally treat them, but they seem to be making an exception for me since it's causing so much pain. That and I demanded treatment since it's limiting my movement and in extension, preventing me from holding my camera without agonising pain.

Mine's a little smaller than the one in the illustration, but this is essentially what is growing in me, JOY.

So with all of that going on, i've had a little down time from posting, or posting as frequently as I normally do anyway. I've not done much at all because of all the pain. I'm on constant medication to try and reduce the pain, so i'm always exhausted and that doesn't really amount to anything productive done during the day. The most i've done is meet with friends for a catch up and listen to Stevie Nicks over and over again, mostly her acoustic version of Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon, which i'll leave below for you all to enjoy. It's truly one of the best songs in the world, sung by one of the greatest female vocalists i've ever had the pleasure of hearing.

In terms of my 'Note to Self' images, I think i'm just going to stop doing them. I'm either missing them because of other more important posts, forgetting to take them completely, or it's too late to post them and I don't want to get into the habit of posting them on a Monday or even mid-week like I did once. So yeah, that's an official end to the 'Note to Self' images. You'll just get random shots like the one at the top of this post, whenever I feel they're appropriate. Old posts will still remain on the blog, but i'll remove the top link and cease posting them from now on.

So yes, that's my life at the moment. I will try and post more content as soon as I can, or when I have the strength to do so. Until then, i'll leave you in Stevie's company.