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Same-sex Marriage Legalised in Scotland - A Huge Win.

Yesterday Queen Elizabeth II officially gave her 'approval' on Scotland and their Marriage and Civil Partnership act of 2014, which supports the beginning of of same-sex marriage that happens by the end of this year. Just like most of her approvals, it was a formality, but it is needed for it to become an actual law.

All this is great in the long run, since England and Wales will be able to perform same-sex marriages from March 29th, but I am still finding it insanely hard to come to terms that this human right still has to have approval from the Monarch. I'm frustrated by it for several reasons. Reasons that have caused heated debate in the past amongst my group of friends.

First off the term 'approval' irritates me because we shouldn't need to be approved before being allowed to be married and secondly is press and celebration of the Queen's approval. It's not like she could do anything against the proposed laws, even if she wanted to. I mean yes she could oppose it, but she's not going to foolishly put herself in the firing line of the British people by doing that, is she? Thirdly, i'm still wanting this whole 'gay marriage' to end. It's probably the easiest way to mention it in passing, but I do want people to recognise it as a marriage, there's no need to add 'gay'. 

I could be wrong and she might genuinely fully support the LGBTQ people, but it's only after the legalisation of same-sex marriage that she's really made comments about our community and I can't help but doubt and wonder if she's actually wanting it, or if she's genuine. I guess we'll never know, but in my mind, i'll always question that.

Negativity and doubt aside, HUGE congratulations to the Scottish LGBTQ people for this massive win for equality and human rights. Only Northern Ireland to go, and the rest of the world, of course.