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Empties | Lush, Ted Baker & Schwarzkopf

Ted Baker 03 Post Shave Balm, Lush Dirty Styling Cream, Lush Karma Kream, Schwarzkopf got2b Powder'ful & Lush Mask of Magnaminty
So as of yesterday, I officially ran out of some of my favourite products, so I thought why not show you some I'll be buying again tomorrow. Shall we begin?

First off we have Lush's Dirty Styling Cream. This product has changed how I style my hair. Before I'd overload my hair with hairspray to get the hold I needed, but with this, I can use a tiny amount and get a hold that can keep it in place when combined with a small spray of hairspray. It's called Dirty, but I don't think it smells like the other Dirty products, personally, but that doesn't really matter too much, to me anyway.

Dirty comes in 100g tubs and they cost £6.95 and I think that's very reasonable considering how little you need to use, causing the tub to last a long time.

When I'm doing something where my hair doesn't need to be perfect, I'll skip the hair spray and use a little of a dirty and combine it with the next product...so let's talk about that.

Secondly we have Schwarzkopf's got2b Powder'ful. This little product is a saint, saviour and hair magician all in a little tub. I bought it for volume, purely for volume, but what I never realised is that you do get quite a bit of hold from it too. And when I say quite a bit, I mean quite a bit! Like, you don't even need hairspray to keep its hold, he powder alone can do it. It's such a fine powder, I can only assume it's some form of archaic, lost magic that causes the product to work. And since it's so fine, you get loads for your money.

For £3 you get 10g of product and really, 10g lasts you ages, unless you overload your hair.

Moving down the body and onto the face, we have Ted Baker's Post Shave Balm. Not something I'd normally buy for my self, but since I got this originally for a Christmas gift, I couldn't refuse to try it. Now I know what you're thinking, it's an aftershave balm and I don't shave. I haven't ever had a clean shave in my life, so this could appear to be pointless, but essentially, it's a moisturiser and a mighty fine one at that. I use this on my face, mostly the forehead and cheekbones and a little on the nose. Another great thing about it is one of the ingredients, it includes eucalyptus, which soothes and reduces bacteria, and that's great in my eyes. Since using it, I've noticed a slight tightening of the skin, while keeping it smooth and soft. It's a great product. I'm aware this product appears to be masculine focused based on the packagings aesthetic, but i'd totally treat it as a unisex product, if you like the scent.

This is available for £9 and you get 150ml per tube.

Another for the face is Lush's Mask of Magnaminty, now this product will always be used by me for as long as they continue to make it, which I hope is forever. It's fresh, it's amazing for the skin and smells delicious, although, don't eat it. As you'd guess, it smells very minty and I love that. Give me anything mint and i'm happy. I use it once or twice a week and use it in two different ways. I've been using it on a Tuesday and Sundays for quite some time now and my skin has never had any major breakouts. I'll use it in two different ways on the two separate days. The Tuesday i'll use it as a scrub and the Sunday i'll use it as a mask. I think you get the best of both worlds then!

Now onto general, every day moisturising, Lush's Karma Kream. This body lotion smells amazing. Karma is one of the key scents of Lush and forever will be. This tub holds, what I would call, concentrated Karma. One tiny rub of this is all you need, which is why it last so long; even if you use it daily, like me. I use it on my arms, hands and a little on my neck and it gives your skin such a nice perfume. I must stress, use it sparingly as it does go on with a strong scent.

This comes in 225g for £13.25. I hate running out of this stuff, so tomorrow i'll definitely be getting another...or two.

And that's all for now. If and when I run out of other products i'll update you guys and post another similar to this. Tell me, what products do you use up most?