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Popular Fox Hunting Image - Viewer Discretion Advised

This image has recently popped up on my Facebook feed and I couldn't just scroll past it and ignore how sad it was. Animal hunting is a barbaric, archaic event and should not have any place in modern society, regardless of what stupid laws are in place to allow it.

The image above, however, goes beyond the rules of fox hunting. The image clearly shows a shovel and a huge mound of earth. These animals have been dug out of their home before being killed by the dog pictured. Now I need to stress, I am in no way blaming the Dog, because essentially the Dog doesn't know better when they're trained and brought up to be killers of other animals. He was just doing his job, in a way; just a shame that the job in question is killing other animals for sport.

I think the most insulting part of the image is the composition and staged display of their prize. Not only did they destroy their home, kill the mother and then kill her babies, they've lay them out as if they are feeing off the mother. And to add insult to injury, include the Dog. As if to point the finger and say it was the Dog's kill.

Another user on Facebook got is spot on in the comments of the image, "This has nothing to do with education or being vegan, eating meat, or friendship. This is about the darkness of a soul and the lack of common decency." and I couldn't agree more.