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Note To Self / Week Catchup Amalgamation

This week has been the most stressful, painful and frustrating week i've had in a long time, so I feel I should keep you all up to date and mash a quick catchup and the Note To Self image together in one post. 

In the space of a week I've had to battle to change meeting from weekend (yesterday) just so I could attend a family Christening. Then the Christening didn't happen because the poor little guy was ill and was taken into hospital, so that has been moved until two weeks time. To top it off, the people who were arsey about my meetings then phoned up and canceled it completely, so all their fuss was for nothing!

Now moving onto the worst part of the week. Yesterday, while running a very hot bath with one of my favourite Lush products, my iPhone decided it wanted to jump from my pocket and go slap bang in the centre of the bath. At this point my heart went to the depths of my stomach and I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me whole. Thankfully my iPhone is fine and fully functional after a day of drying out in rice.

And that has been my week. I don't have the best life ever, but it's usually never that bad and annoying. I just hope I have a better life from now. I think my bad luck streak has happened for this year, so please let me have a great year from now on!