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No Makeup Selfie for Breast Cancer Awareness

Okay, so I need to share some views on the whole 'No Makeup Selfie' for breast cancer awareness and those who are demoting it to a level of self gratification.

I've seen many people on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram belittle what women and men are doing in terms of their 'selfies', and in my mind, the people slating them are just as bad as what they're accusing them of being. Here's the deal, the whole trend is to promote awareness. Awareness then leads to discussion, that leads to self checking, which then leads to seeking medical advice and charity involvement. A selfie isn't demoting or making fun of a charity, it's bringing it to the front of people's minds.

This discussion wasn't around when guys were doing Movember. And believe me, I saw a shit load of people doing it without having a sponsor form/page or even raising money for future donations. That is self gratification, no? Oh and btw, how do you think Movember started? It was exactly what people are doing now, posting innocent selfies, which then turned into a movement and an official form of raising money.

I wish these people would spare their own stupidity, stop bitching and complaining and just support what's happening. It has, without a doubt, brought breast cancer awareness to the masses this week, maybe even faster than it has ever done on social media. It is in our minds and people are talking and if that's not helping I don't know what is.

To those who are interested in helping out and doing your part to raise more money, text 'BEAT' to 70099 and donating £3 will make such a difference.