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Music Review: The 1975 - 1975

the 1975 - 1975 album cover

Not many new bands can really grab my attention, but The 1975 really have done just that. Their debut album 1975 takes me back to those days when The Killers and Maximo Park etc came about. Those two particular bands didn't really make an impact on me, but the energy and surge around them did and I'm getting that feeling once again with this new album. It hasn't stopped playing since I got it. I had originally heard the song 'The City' in 2012 when they did a small gig around the time of their EP release. Great to see them making it big now!

I always appreciate good album artwork and The 1975 have not failed to impress me. I love a good high contrast black and white image and I adore neon tube lettering, so combined this makes me visually pleased. I can only image how it looks in colour, but I think it wouldn't have the same effect. It reminds me so much of The Horrors, which again, caught my attention instantly, although The 1975 sound nothing like The Horrors.

Music wise, it's such a summery album. Last year my summer anthem was Pure Love and I really do believe this year it will be these young lads. It's quite upbeat, fresh, addictive and has great vocals. Favourites from the album are 'The City', 'Chocolate', 'Sex' and 'Talk' and they will be played frequently in my ears.

One thing that is very rare is that my friends and I appreciate similar new bands, but The 1975 bug seems to have spread among my closest friends, which makes it much easier for us when we're in a group and wanting a good listen to some music. Car rides will also be a blessing, rather than the usual friendly banter of deciding which music to listen to.

Here's the video for 'The City'. Take a listen and if you like the, support and buy their album!

PS, I love how well this post suits the theme of my blog, what with all of the black and white in the album cover and the music video. It's like I was meant to love them and write about them.