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Lush | Hair Doctor

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Okay, so your hair is feeling a bit rough and needs some life, this is the product for you. This thick and creamy mixture is filled with ingredients that make your hair feeling healthy. I use this mask once a week, maybe two if i've styled my hair loads and have used some damaging products on it. I'll smother a decent amount on my hair, mostly on the hair that makes up my quiff and the longer sections on top (the back and sides of my head doesn't really need it) and leave it to work its magic for about 30 minutes. Leaving it on longer than it states on the tub won't do any damage to your hair, so use your own guide.

It works using Fuller's earth, which is a type go clay that is great at absorbing oil and grease. Other ingredients include Irish moss powder, coconut and almond oil, jojoba oil to nourish the scalp and has a burst of menthol, which according to Lush, stimulates the scalp's blood vessels.

The product is preservative free, so it only lasts for about three weeks refrigerated. I use this as an excuse to use as much as I like, when I like or need it. As I type this, i've been using it for over a year and i've never been let down by it. I'll continue to use it and be content with my happy, nourished hair!

The Hair Doctor is available online and in store for £6.95 and for that you get 95g of product.

Note * If you worry about having to buy it at the end of your shopping visit due to it being a refrigerated product, don't. These do manage to survive out of the fridge for a while, so there's no massive rush to get home.