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Lady Gaga - G.U.Y. Video Review

Well, she's done it again. It's not a secret that I really enjoy Lady Gaga's work, especially her music videos. The Applause video was great and I liked the references to other artists through the stunning visuals, but I was worried about what her next video would be like. That worry however went out of my mind within the first few seconds of this new creation.

Starting with her face down in the ground sporting delicate wings and an arrow through her chest, you hear the atmospheric 'ARTPOP' playing in the background. This and the use of stunning video work guide you through the narrative and into another scene; her being led to her resurrection, this time cutting with audio from her song 'Venus'.

I need to state that I've had such an obsession with trying different colour balances to change the style of an image, so when I saw the use of it from the start of the video, I knew I was in for a visual sensation. The cool toned browns of the earth, the feathers and her hair work brilliantly together and a huge congratulations to whoever decided on that, it's a great way to open the piece.

Moving on past cool tones, we get a great use of contrast with warm tones and pastels. Again, they work brilliantly with her look. The natural lighting looks beautiful against her skin, which has been made up to compliment nicely and the costumes go hand in hand with the aesthetic they're successfully trying to portray. 

Like most music videos, there's a handful of scenes that have been shot and skilfully edited together to make the actual video, like for example you can see the shot of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills playing instruments and the shot of Gaga in front of the floral background. They're used multiple times throughout and I think they look great, like something from an editorial of Vogue shot by Annie Leibovitz. Simply amazing. Although, i'm not too sure about Andy Cohen's head in the clouds, I thought that could have been done in a different way.

Other elements in the video I loved are the bursts of type over the moving image. I'm a huge fan of this and have used it a lot in my own work. The odd shot of Gaga in the brilliant white room with the blue chiffon is delightful and she looks stunning and as always, her makeup is incredible.

One thing I was loving was the inclusion of iconic figures being resurrected, such as Michael Jackson, Gandhi and Jesus. I thought that was an insanely smart element, which I was not expecting.

What I think is most impressive though, is that this whole movie was directed by Gaga. It doesn't matter if you love or hate her, you can't deny the girl has skills. She writes incredibly popular hit songs, comes up with insane and dominating fashion choices, thinks up killer music videos and then directs them and she can sing live, unlike a lot of the more popular musicians these days.

The video is without a doubt a success, and some are calling it her best yet, and I think I have to agree. You can watch the video below, or over on her YouTube page if you like. I hope you enjoy!

Ps, if you can, watch the video in full 1080p HD, it makes it so much more enjoyable.