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iPad Blogging - Blogsy App Review

Many bloggers like to work outside of their home, in coffee shops, at University/College or generally when they're out and about. But sometimes carrying a laptop is such a hassle. This is something I find quite a problem. I love my MacBook Pro, don't get me wrong, but it's just too much for what I need when writing a simple post and nothing more. This is where my iPad comes in handy!

If you're fortunate enough to have an iPad and write blog posts quite often and you're on the hunt for the perfect app to create content, Blogsy might be for you. I've been using it for quite some time now and i've come to LOVE it so much.  It has everything I need to make a decent post. Let me talk you through the images below. 

Just as you expect to see on the desktop content creator, you have all your type menu's; text decoration, alignment, bullet and number points, typefaces, size and colours. All are very user friendly. Simply highlight your text with your fingers and select your option. I thought it would be like all the others apps i've experienced, where nothing is where it should be, stuff doesn't really work and you don't even have some menus, but with this app everything I need is at my fingertips.

Media input is exactly where you need it, also. The right hand circle logo menu houses all your content, as well as others. Each logo represents a different output, whether that be your photographs on your device, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, amongst others. Simply log in with your details and select the media you need. Obviously if you're wanting to select web outputs, you'll need a WiFi or 3G connection. If you don't have these, you can always compose your post and input later when you have an internet connection. And as you expect with most iPad Apps these days, you have your full qwerty keyboard at the click of a button.

Here's a few other functions taken from the App's description on the App Store
  • - Found a good article? Drag and drop it’s URL to instantly create a hyperlink in your blog post.. No coding required!
  • - Full support for multiple blogs and multiple photo and video accounts.
  • - Easily change image and video properties and alignment through menus. 
  • - Write and edit HTML. Though using Blogsy’s 'Rich Side', you’ll probably never want to; everything from bolding text to creating links to image alignment can be done with the tap of a finger. 
  • - Set or create lables/tags and categories, toggle comments on and off, and set visibility. 
  • - Create scheduled posts, online drafts, and pending-review posts. 
  • - Support for local drafts. 
  • - Edit or delete online posts or pages.
  • - Upload images from your iPad photo library to any blog media library, Picasa, Flickr or Facebook. 
  • - Markdown Support

Overall, I think the app is wonderfully smooth, designed to a high quality, user friendly and functions brilliantly. I would definitely recommend it to other blogging users who work from their iPads. Another great feature of the App is that it covers most, if not all of the major blogging platforms. Mine is using Blogger, but i've also used it for Tumblr and a sneaky Wordpress post and I didn't have any problems. In fact, this post has been made using the Blogsy App, if you're wondering.

The App itself can be found in your App Store for £2.99

Ps, If you're wondering what's with the YouTubers collage in the post, you'll find out soon enough! Ruth, if you're reading this, you already know and yes i'm actually going to start doing it!