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Old Churches, Baptism, Summer Drinks and Time for Me.

Rekorderlig Cider

While it doesn't appear so, I do spend a lot of my time doing stuff for other people and not enough for myself, which makes me insanely tired. So today, as a treat, I took advantage of my plans to attend a family Baptism and really had a chilled time and soaked up that great feeling of having to do nothing at all.

I sat with some family, had a few bottles of Rekorderlig cider (which is an amazing summery drink btw), ate some nice food and did not worry about my problems. And you know what? I bloody loved it. It felt really soothing knowing that I could enjoy myself and not have to worry about a time frame, being late or have people to please. I probably came off as some moody guy drinking away his thoughts, but in reality my mind was going wild with stuff I needed to think about, but couldn't because of other obstacles. I managed to finally put some thoughts that have been bugging me to bed and move them out of my head. 

stained glass window

The Baptism itself was so nice. A short service in an insanely old church with beautiful stained glass windows, as you can see above. The Vicar made such a quick joke that made me laugh so much, even though the rest of the Church didn't. Some guy sneezed at the back and without letting time pass, he quickly came out with "bless you child". So simple, but my word it tickled me.

Just being back in a Church made me feel quite good. It has been a long time since I was in one and I thought i'd feel a bit anxious, but it felt right being there. It might have been because of the buildings age, but I did feel suited in there. It looked quite medieval and gothic in some ways and I really connected with it.

Zane Strong, the newest edition to the family.

This picture is from the week he was born, but he hasn't changed much in the time that has passed. He's still a little beauty. He has the most amazing eye colour from what I saw today, i'll have to get a better photograph of him when I next see him.

Overall today has been a pretty good day. I hope my good mood continues into the night. I have pizza, ice cream and cream soda to lead the way, so I think I will stay content. Hope you've all had a great day!