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Allen Ginsberg's Howl and a Coffee

Not many people have the power to change my life. Yes my friends have all done in their own special way, but i’m talking about those that are well known or are famous for something or other. Allen Ginsberg, the brilliant and amazing writer has for sure. Howl has stuck with me since I first read it all those years ago and I don’t see it leaving me anytime soon.

When I listen/watch interviews of him explaining Howl I get it more and more with every word he speaks. He makes sense, which is ironic, because his style of writing doesn’t make sense at times. I just seem to get him and I love him for that.

When i’m not reading the book itself, i’m listening to him read it on my iPod. There’s a total difference between words on a page and him reading it out loud. He gives it the fire that’s needed for it to REALLY come alive. It’s fucking amazing.

Anyway, that’s my little Allen Ginsberg cry of devotion. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. One last thing, if any of you want a copy of the audio file where he reads Howl I can get a copy to you, just get in touch via my email in the sidebar.