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A Quick Walk to Clear Your Mind

Earlier today I had to go into town for a few things and the whole experience was annoying and got me in a stinking mood, so much I decided to ditch my list of things I needed to get and went home. While on the bus however, I got thinking about how these strangers who irritated me don't deserve the satisfaction of seeing me in a crappy mood, so I was going to walk it off.

The walk from my nearest bus stop to my house isn't far, 5 walk minutes at most, so I decided i'd take the long way to help clear my mind. There's endless possibilities to what can be classed as 'the long way', so I just let my mind make a decision while walking.

I ended up walking along the path that leads along the houses that face the main road. It leads up some hills, a few steps and around past the church and down into my street. It's a nice little alternative for those days you can't be bothered to take the short route and have nothing to look at but back gardens and a few garages; this way you get to see all the grass, the trees, the roads, a church and the neighbouring estate, and while it's not its most picturesque atm, once Spring is in full force and taking us into Summer, the flowers start showing and the trees don't look so miserable.

By the time i'd walked to the top of the hill near the Church, there was not a cloud in sight, they'd all faded and dispersed into nothing but blue and the odd plane passing over head. This made the light so beautiful, casting shadows everywhere and making everything so vibrant.

By the time i'd reached the Church my mind was clear and free of the negativity that built up while I was in town. I only wish I had took a quick walk around the park in town so I could continue with my plans. There's always tomorrow, I guess!

I suggest taking a quick walk if you're not feeling yourself, it's a great way to let go of things and be free, if only for a short while. I think i'll take more walks. Admittedly, I am trying to get myself into better shape as i'm a complete mess atm, so maybe walking is the first step. Any suggestions, send them my way!