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10 Questions a Gay Male is Bored of Being Asked

As a Gay man, at some point in your life you'll be faced with question so painful you'll want to bang your head against a wall. Some will be asked more than others, and i'll be surprised if you manage to live your life without being asked.

I'll keep the list limited to ten, but believe me, there's many more! Here we go...
  1. When did you know when you were gay? Probably the same time you realised you were straight, when you're sexually aware of what attracts you. 'When did you know you were straight?' is a good reply.

  2. Does it not hurt? Does your arse not hurt? It all comes down to practice, using your brain and taking your time. I like to have a laugh and tell them i'll show them if they're that interested in finding out.

  3. What about AIDS? Are you scared of catching it? Of course I am, but who isn't? AIDS isn't limited to same sex couples. Straight people and/or those in opposite gender relationships are just as much in risk as same sex couples. Just be careful and protect yourself, don't go bareback.

  4. God hates Gays, will you enjoy your time in Hell? What if you don't believe in God, Heaven and Hell? Personally, I believe in spirituality, but I don't worry about what happens after I die. I don't believe having relationships and sex with a person of the same gender is, or should be deemed a sin.

  5. Imagine you hadn't had sex with a guy, how would you know that you're gay? Well, there's many elements in understanding sexuality and attraction. Before I had sex, I was attracted to the personality, appearance and energy of one female, but they were heightened to a level, a level I never even knew was possible, when I developed a friendship and relationship with a guy. I think people need to remember that sexuality exists outside of having sex with someone.

  6. What's it like to be gay? It has it's ups and down, but so far it's bloody brilliant. The negatives are facing ignorance and uneducated individuals, but the positives outweigh the negatives. Our community is strong and we have some of the most brilliant minds and passionate souls.

  7. Are you going to do drag / Are you a Drag Queen? First of all, drag isn't limited to gay people. But not, i'm not a drag queen. Will I ever do drag? I can't answer that right now as I simply don't know. Drag Queens are some of my favourite people in the world. The strength makes up a huge part of our community. And remember, it was a Queen that started a revolution at Stonewall to pave the way for many generations of young LGBTQ people.

  8. Will you regret being gay? No. What do I have to regret?

  9. How can you kiss a guy? It all seems a little disgusting to me. I can kiss a guy because I like it, just like you can with a female. The difference is I don't think kissing a female is disgusting.

    And my all time most HATED question is

  10. My friend is gay, can I set you up? No, no and again, no. Just because i'm gay and he's gay doesn't mean we're a match or that we're interested. Let us find our own guys, thanks.
That's all folks! As I said previously, you will experience other questions, but these are the ones I get most. Share any others and we'll talk!