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Stuck in Rut

stuck in a rut

Here's the deal, I love to photograph and I love to write. Photography is probably what i'm better at, but writing is my relaxant. Okay, I might not be the next Blake, but I enjoy it. There's something very calming about writing down what your mind tells you. So why am I telling you this? Well, I feel like my talents are being wasted. I have passion, that's always been known. Ask anyone and they'll tell you i'm passionate about what i'm good at or enjoy. So I do think it's a shame that this passion isn't being used to its full potential.

I have this blog and while it's going so well, I feel like i'm limited by it. The people who read it obviously come here for certain content, written in a certain way and presented with appropriate images, and I will continue to do that, but sometimes that's not what I need. I want to use my skills and produce something which will help on a more large scale. Ideally, i'd love to be working with an LGBTQ campaign; the idea of me providing them with images and text gets me so excited.

I aim to do something with my life and these skills i've perfected over many years, and I feel like, at the moment, i'm stuck in a rut that I can't see me getting out of anytime soon. So what i'm trying to say is, while I love this blog and will continue to do it with pride, I do wish there was more to it.